New rules for Veterans Day for Oregon employers

During the last legislative session, the Oregon Legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill 1, providing for Veterans Day time off for veterans. The law became effective immediately upon signing. Beginning this Veterans Day, November 11, 2013, Oregon employers will be required to provide qualifying employees with Veterans Day off. The employer’s policies determine whether the day off is […] Why didn’t the White House use WordPress? –

Great read on WordPress and why its a good solution. is “a disaster,” “a failure” and “excruciatingly embarrassing” for the Obama administration. Why didn’t they just use WordPress? Of the 14 states running their own health insurance marketplaces, five — Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Colorado and Hawaii — decided to use WordPress to powerto […]

NY Times Profiles IAM Lobstermen in Maine

Yvonne Rosen, a member of the IAM’s Maine Lobstermen’s Union, tosses back undersized lobsters while pulling traps off the coast of Maine. (Courtesy: Craig Dilger for The New York Times) The IAM’s year-long campaign to help establish the Maine Lobstermen’s Union was given extensive print and photo coverage in the October 10 edition of the […]

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